Head pastor Harald Fylling

Harald Fylling has been the pastor of the church since the beginning in 1991. He is married to Ellen and together they have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Harald is an inspiring preacher with practical and challenging teaching. He is also a very keen salmon fisherman who spends much of his free time in the salmon rivers when it is in season.

The pastor is passionate about the local church and wants to see people grow in their faith in God and reach their full potential. He wants to see as many people as possible fulfill God´s plans for their lives and be blessed through our congregation in Ålesund, Stryn and Aukra.

Harald and Ellen came to faith in the mid-80s. Harald says he first decided to become a secret Christian, but this proved impossible. They were both eager to learn more and tell others about what they themselves had experienced.

Co-pastor Yvonne Sunde

Yvonne Sunde has been employed as second pastor since 2019. She is married to Nicolay and together they have 3 children; Jenny, Henning and Live. Yvonne preaches regularly at our Sunday services and is known for her inspiring and relatable teaching. She has a burning commitment to the church and to seeing people grow in their relationship with God.